sewing organization

There are a number of organizations that are dedicated solely to sewing, and each one serves a different purpose. Whether you have been sewing for years or you are just starting to get into it, you will definitely want to look into some of these organizations and everything they have to offer.

1. The American Sewing Guild

The American Sewing Guild is a national organization with the sole purpose of spreading awareness about sewing. Anyone who has an interest in sewing is able to join, regardless of their skill level.

This organization has local chapters in many cities throughout the United States and being a member typically means meeting with other people who love to sew in your area.

Members of this organization are able to take online sewing classes as well as enter sewing contests and be a part of workshops as well as local community sewing projects.

2. The Smocking Arts Guild of America

“Smocking” is a term that is used to describe numerous types of embroidery, and it is a form of decorative sewing. This organization is devoted to keeping the art of smocking alive and spreading the word about it all over the country.

While SAGA was first started in America, it is an international organization with members in all different parts of the world. As a member of this organization you will enjoy a number of perks, including access to expert instruction and the ability to share thoughts and ideas with other members.

3. The Sewing & Craft Alliance

The Sewing & Craft Alliance exists to promote sewing, crafting, and quilting as a means of relaxing and having fun while letting one’s inner creativity come out.

If the other sewing organizations in America do not seem very interesting to you, this one might be especially attractive because you don’t actually have to officially join or pay a membership fee.

There is a monthly newsletter that you sign up for called SEWlutions, and it is packed with articles written by experienced sewers with valuable information for both seasoned pros and beginners.

4. The American Quilter’s Society

The American Quilter’s Society, or simply AQS, requires membership and it is open to anyone who enjoys making and/or collecting quilts. This organization publishes several different quilting books and magazines along with a television show called The American Quilter, which they are responsible for producing.

While you don’t have to be a member of this organization to enjoy its benefits and resources, members do receive discounts on AQS publications as well as quilt show attendance and contest fees.

5. The Embroiderer’s Guild of America

Anyone who loves embroidery will definitely want to look into joining the Embroiderer’s Guild of America. This non-profit organization exists on a national level to preserve the art of embroidery and bring people who enjoy it together.

All embroiderers are welcome to join this organization and there are quite a few different local chapters across the country. Those who do not have a local chapter, however, can still enjoy the many benefits this organization has to offer.